Wyzibility Consulting: Sustaining the SMB Segment with Pre-Configured Solutions

Prakash Tripathi, CEO
After weighing against different criteria such as company goals and objectives, software requirements, scalability, underlying technology and more, chances are business leaders and heads in their quest for the perfect enterprise solution, will probably zero in on SAP; the reason being that it stands as one of the leading enterprise solutions proven for its ability to accelerate business productivity.

However, picking out the appropriate solution is the part which comes comparatively easy. The sea of challenges emerge only later, during the implementation with the leading concern being change management. Hyderabad based Wyzibility Consulting, a SAP VAR partner, supports change management by conducting structured training programmes which address the cross functional integration and educating the stake-holders about the various benefits. Prakash Tripathi, CEO - Wyzibility Consulting, providing further insight into their approach shares, “Wyzibility takes a strict view of the attendance and subsequent evaluation of the training participants and keeps the customer’s leadership team aware of the performance. If need be, Wyzibility conducts repeat programs to ad-dress slow learning participants.”

One of the fast-growing implementation partners, Wyzibility exerts great influence over the SAP solutions market, moulded by their experience of nearly two decades of successfully enabling organizations in leveraging the technology. With preconfigured solutions, the firm focuses on verticals of “life sciences & healthcare”, discrete manufacturing, “processed food and dairy products”,” ceramics and sanitary ware” and packaging industries. To support this specialized focus, the team of consultants at Wyzibility bring in unmatched domain knowledge and ability to quickly grasp organizational dynamics. The firm further ensures that its team stays at the top of the game with regular internal reviews and audit.

“The Management team are pioneers in Fixed Scope, Fixed Time and Fixed Cost Model in India with water tight Project Management skills”, says Prakash Tripathi. He further cites the leadership team's past experience and reputation as responsible for the firm’s sustained growth. Envisioning the future, the CEO hopes for Wyzibility Consulting to emerge as the largest innovative and flexible SAP support services provider for SMEs in India. The firm can also be expected to launch pre-configured low-cost solutions for the Healthcare segment soon.

Wyzibility exerts great influence over the SAP solutions market, moulded by their experience of nearly two decades of successfully enabling organizations in leveraging the technology

Wyzibility’s association with organizations begins with a detailed demonstration of the solutions, to ensure that the clients are aware of various features and limitations before they decide to buy SAP. In fact, regular communication with management and other key stakeholders are amongst the prime factors that enable the firm to establish a strong partnership. Clients’ confidence on Wyzibility is further strengthened by the delivery management team which is composed of veterans in the individual domains the firm is focussed upon.

Scope to accommodate specific client requirement delivers businesses with the required flexibility. Focus group workshops on the importance and utility of every master data field and its functionality, extensive time and effort invested to help clients collect, collate and cleanse the master data together bridges clients through yet another challenge which is the accuracy and completeness of the master data being uploaded in SAP. The mentioned steps coupled with the firm’s expertise and pre configured scripts, aligned closely to industry regulations and standards ensure that the data is quality rich.