K Square India Technologies: Leveraging SAP Expertise to Boost Organizations’ Business Capabilities

CIO Vendor SAP ERP is at present, one of the most popular integrated IT Systems globally, owing to Sits ability to offer a number of functionalities in the market to support businesses in their management decisions. With a higher degree of extend ability, flexibility and the capabilities to adapt to a company’s specific requirements,SAP ERP equips organizations with a wide range of, unquestionable benefits including a better alignment of strategies, increased flexibility resulting in cost reduction, and an overall improved productivity. However, despite the immense potential of SAP solutions to boost an organization’s capabilities, the implementation of SAP ERP solutions is hindered by a number of challenges in the form of conflicting perceptions between the business and IT departments, gaps between process logic and technical implementations, lack of SAP knowledge and the required skill sets as well as a lack of transparency and documentation. Striving to resolve these challenges, Chennai headquartered K Square India Technologies Pvt Ltd. brings to the fore a comprehensive framework of SAP services that focus extensively on Implementation and Consulting.

Since its inception in 2000,K Square India has been working to provide competitive services in consulting, technology and outsourcing, with a vision to bring value-added and differentiated solutions across diverse industries such as telecom, financial services, pharmaceuticals, government, consumer services and emerging businesses. On the SAP front, the company leverages the technical prowess of its team, to bring services for SAP ERP Implementation, Consulting, and Post-implementation Support, with expertise across all SAP modules.“With our proven ability and experience in aligning organizations with SAP business applications for almost a decade now, K Square has been catering to comprehensive industry-specific solutions and SAP-ERP implementation services for the past decade,”
affirms J Pattabhi Jayaraman, Director & Project Head, K Square India Technologies.

The company leverages the technical prowess of its team, to bring services for SAP ERP Implementation, Consulting and Post-implementation Support, with expertise across all SAP modules

With an objective to help enterprises define their business processes more accurately and bring more efficiency into the organization, K Square India equips its clients with SAP ERP implementation and consulting services, where the company acts as an ‘extended arm’ of the management, to provide greater visibility into choosing the right processes and practices. The company also leverages its expertise in the required skills, tools, and SAP practices, to ensure successful management of scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, and risk management. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of a robust data migration process during implementation, K Square employs a team of specialized consultants to carry out data migration activities from legacy systems and has also developed an automated process to migrate the existing data into the new SAP ERP System.

Having optimized SAP Implementation and Consulting for an expansive clientele over a period of almost two decades, K Square India now envisions an elaborate blueprint for the future. Working closely with its customer base across India, USA, and Australia, the company is set to take on new projects and adapt to the emerging SAP technologies of FIORI, HYBRIS and ARIBA, in the upcoming future.