I-Novate: Expertise in SAP Technology Combined with Innovative R&D Team

Anish Kumar,CEO
SAP is being used increasingly across many different segments of businesses. The software has been designed by vendors to address current diverse requirements across the industry. It is seen as an advantage for enterprises to get a standard solution to be used combined with 'implementing' benefits. From the software scalability point of view, enterprises would be interested to invest in the solution that could provide flexibility and extensibility for their futurist needs.

I-Novate is one of those companies who extend their expertise in SAP technology combined with innovative R&D team to visualize and fulfill the future needs of enterprises. Talking about the approach of I-Novate in SAP technology landscape, CEO, Anish Kumar says, “First and foremost unique proposition is our innovation that keeps us ahead, especially working in the areas like AI, IoT, blockchain and machine learning. So, that is unique proposition combined with the SAP strength which is keeping us ahead. Second is our team, the team which comprises of the people from all top industries and then third is our reach out to the global market and working with all large enterprises in India as well as outside India.”

The company is positioned in the top quadrant in Indian SAP market. It holds a vast experience of operating in 50+ countries. Owing to serving across diverse enterprises it has created a customized solution to be used across key industry sectors. The company also offers to
implement the standard solution for the clients. It helps I-Novate to roll out the SAP project very easily. Talking about its SAP service portfolio, Kumar explains, “We have our own tool which we have developed in terms of business process re-engineering, where we try to bring the value to the customer. Also, we have our own support tool which we use for various diagnostic services and post go live support.”

We have our own tool which we have developed in terms of business process re-engineering, where we try to bring the value to the customer

I-Novate has a strong SAP talent base that helps the company to do the cost saving of 30 to 40 percent for its clients in the IT investments. Commenting on the implementation figures, Kumar mentions, “We have very high productivity and very low cost. At I-Novate our productivity is 33 percent higher than the industry average. The USP of our company is that we are able to complete 95 percent of the project on time, whereas the industry average is only 76 percent. And in terms of quality, we are almost like 55percent ahead than the industry average.”

I-Novate which has already marked its presence in the Middle East and Africa has plans to extend its business in Europe and US market too. Also, the company intends to open up a large development center in New Delhi, India. Apart from SAP technology the Company also has to offer its services in state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and E-Governance and Smart City Solutions.