Coactive IT Solutions: Enabling Organisations to Successfully Migrate to SAP with Efficient Change Management

CIO Vendor A dominant and trusted player, SAP SE's solutions for long have reigned as the choice of enterprise solutions for businesses across verticals. However, Dilip Das, CEO at Coactive IT Solutions reveals that despite such immense popularity, many businesses which display keen interest are hardly aware of the countless tangible advantages in terms of control, performance, visibility, and productivity that adoption of SAP solutions can overtly concentrated and stressed over individual goals while employees simply fail to leverage the industry-leading solution to make their life easier. Hence, the CEO adds, “Training on SAP implementation has to be a prerequisite for the AS-IS process.”

Kolkata based Coactive IT Solutions focuses on the successful delivery as opposed to business profit with customer satisfaction as the top priority. Facilitating businesses with SAP solutions for the past two years, Facilitating businesses the firm takes a matured approach to understand the different functions across different verticals. with SAP solutions for the Additionally, the team at Coactive brings in knowledge past two years, the firm and understanding of the SAP solutions inside out along with strong communication skills, which enable takes a matured approach them to easily grasp the client's issues and requirements and successfully map them into SAP Solutions, while to understand the adhering to the industry best practices. Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, Net Weaver, Business different functions across Intelligence and Business Objects, Customer Relationship different verticals Management, Human Capital Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Solution Manager are amongst the SAP Solutions, where the firm exerts great dexterity.

When it comes to the process of implementation of SAP solutions, Coactive, Dilip Das shares, believes in customer synthesis. The team of
consultants at Coactive usually look for areas which can be bifurcated into segments after discussions with the client; following which any anticipatory impact of the implementation, direct or indirect, and even areas where the cost can be managed is explained to the client.

Facilitating businesses with SAP solutions for the past two years, the firm takes a matured approach to understand the different functions across different verticals

Touching upon another crucial aspect of the implemention which is change management the ceo divulages" In our Short experiences in the area we have observed that there is always a resistance to change from a group of employees which is generally 15 percent of the implementation team. We approach this challenge by identifying the resistance group at the very beginning and by redressing their grievances in the right manner. We deal with this process before the implementation commences which enables the users to grow and sharpen their skills accordingly.”

The firm has successfully delivered several migrations and implementations in India and overseas on the Sap A1 R3 and HANA S4 which are popular amongst business with greater complexity while SAP B1 has been widely accepted across medium to small size enterprises. Migration to HANA S4 is an area of special expertise at Coactive. The firm has been steadily growing since its inception and has expanded to Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal within a short period. By the fourth quarter, we can expect the firm to stand strong in APAC and the Gulf region.