Brainscape: Helping SMEs Address the Existing Discrepancies in SAP Implementation

CIO Vendor SAP technology solutions have been implemented to facilitate business in its operations which is crucial to achieve a competitive edge and gain high productivity. Synchronization among all departments, good return on investment (ROI), uninterrupted flow of communication and no data discrepancies among sub systems must be ensured for smooth work flow. SAP technology has paved the way for better integration among different facets of business, leading to efficiency and reliability. It has revolutionized the way businesses operate traditionally. But SAP technology has not been a viable option for many SMEs owing to the market perception of it being a costly affair.

SME sector is facing challenges with respect to main-taining visibility in operations, managing inventories, improving productivity, reducing costs and maintaining higher levels of customer relations. They are confronted with even more challenging problems of assigning accountability of material consumption, tracking of production activities and calculating variances. Alleviating the compatibility issue of SMEs with modern SAP technology, Brainscape Solutions Private Limited, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has positioned itself to provide numerous benefits of SAP implementation to both small and medium scale enterprises.

Several cases of glitches in SAP project implementations in SMEs have come to the fore. Some of the reasons ascribed to the SAP vendors include inadequate understanding of customer's requirements and processes, imperfect implementation, poor project management, insufficient testing and underestimating implementation time etc. Brainscape works meticulously to fix the existing loopholes in SAP implementation. Brainscape Solutions’ consultants engage with customer personnel to understand and accurately document their requirements. They also brief customers on how to leverage the full potential of this software technology. Commenting on its functioning,
Sejal Vaidya, Founder and Director-Brainscape Solutions Pvt. Ltd. emphasizes, “Through the implementation of SAP B1, Brainscape Solutions ensures organization-wide automation of all processes with 100 percent fitment and best practices, while ensuring ease of operations.” Brainscape solutions provide consultation and support to its customers to help them utilize SAP B1 optimally. “This support resource helps staff in terms of hand-holding, re-training and day-to-day usage till they get familiar with the SAP B1,” adds Vaidya.

Through the implementation of SAP B1, Brainscape Solutions ensures organization-wide automation of all processes with 100 percent fitment and best practices, while ensuring ease of operations

The underpinnings of Brainscape solutions is identifying the current discrepancies in SAP implementation process across SME businesses and providing its expertise to help the organizations address it. With things in this perspective, Vaidya says, “The majority of customers are looking for integrated solutions, from Procure to Pay or Lead to Cash, and also the entire range of services that a smallor mid-sized company could afford. Many prospective customers understand the need to upgrade to new, more flexible software, and the SAP Business One addresses these critical concerns by offering a single integrated platform, ideal for SMEs.”

In addition to SAP B1, Brainscape Solutions also offers SAP S4 HANA with other complimenting solutions in the form of HRMS & Payroll, Business Intelligence and IT-based solutions. Brainscape has served its customers across various industry sectors and geographies. With Big Data, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics revolutionizing the future of every organization, Brainscape intends to incorporate these offerings and grow rapidly with a strong focus on delighting its customers.