BR ERP Technology Services: Increased Customer Satisfaction with Methodical SAP Support Services

CIO Vendor The ERP market is fast evolving with the permeation of a plethora of vendors offering enterprise wide solutions that have a broad range of functionality, promise integration with other business solutions and are highly scalable as per growing business needs. Some of the advantages of using SAP as a company ERP system are that SAP business solutions assist enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. However, these aforementioned benefits will materialize only with the assistance of skilled professionals with a complete understanding of the market and client’s unique needs and expectations, as the SAP domain is in a state of constant flux. With complete knowledge of this sector and defying the so called SAP implementation approach, BR ERP Technology Services based out of Kolkata with their dedicated team specializes in the field of SAP Support Services.

With a set and proven process in place, the company firmly believes that implementation of SAP should follow a methodical and systematic approach. Behind all the successful implementations, the team with their vast industry expertise follow defined steps such as detailed discussions with customers for acquiring knowledge of the existing system, requirements, expectations, and problems. This is followed by the generation and approval of the business blueprint. Aware of the lack of knowledge many organizations may have, BR ERP Technology offers 24x7 backend support to resolve all the issues which are covered under the scope of work, for the smooth running of operation in conjunction with providing user training as and when
required. User training is carried out in planned and phased manner before the Go Live of any SAP implementation.

With a set and proven process in place, the company firmly believes that implementation of SAP should follow a methodical and systematic approach

In addition to this, BR ERP Technology undertakes SAP customer rescues where the reasons of failure are identified through checking of configuration and a detailed discussion is held with the customers to find the loopholes and provide effective solutions to make the site functional in the SAP platform.

The company began its SAP implementation and support journey in the year 2010. Carving a niche for themselves in this domain, the team has delivered successful implementations to close to 17 clients pan India, which includes multiple sectors’ viz Metal (Alumina, steel, copper, zinc and gold), Power, Port, Service, and Mines. The company has always ensured the successful implementation and development along with post implementation support to its client within the projected timeframe, and at a reasonable price. Continually staying abreast of trending technologies, the company generates awareness among its clients about any new upgradation in the SAP system, for the smooth running of their business operations. Amalgamating the knowledge and experience gained, BR ERP Technology envisions working in SAP HANA and the Cloud Platform. The company also envisages expanding their global footprint and reaching out to a bigger platform with their novel SAP Support Services.