ITELLIGENCE: Optimizing Enterprise Business Processes with SAP Solutions

Sanjeeev Deshpande, Managing Director
With the potential to fit into any business scenario, solution providers seldom discover challenges which cannot be mitigated using SAP solutions. However, with a plethora of enterprise applications to choose from, opting for the right SAP solution can be tricky. Lack of understanding of the depth of the technology on part of customers also poses a major challenge,especially in the price sensitive Indian marketplace. As a result they fail to comprehend the scope of the solutions. Moreover, with no clear definition of their responsibilities, client teams are forced to become completely dependent on the solution providers for driving projects. The dearth of knowledge also results in clients failing to clean or scrub their data, feeding of which triggers troubles during the project implementation.

Itelligence India Software Solutions enables organizations to smoothly sail through the aforementioned challenges by initiating open dialogue and following a heuristic approach. The firm’s expert team of consultants, keeping cooperation and transparency as pillars, explains to the customers about every aspect of the project during the sales cycle. Providing further insight into their approach, Sanjeev Deshpande, Managing Director & CEO, Itelligence India, elaborates, “Post a detailed business process discovery of the client’s operations, we suggest clients the appropriate SAP solution that would best suit their needs. Then we define the scope of the solution and lay out what role the customer's team is expected to play. As a part of project preparations, we also make the effort to explain customers on how, given the project timeline and the budget, can we control the scope of the solution and the resulting consequences of changing the scope. Educating customers about data preparedness is another area that is a priority.”

A Key SAP Partner in India
A subsidiary of NTT Data Business Solutions, Itelligence is one of the world’s largest SAP partners, speareading the segment as a SAP-only company. The Germany headquartered firm brings a specialized focus on research and development and invests heavily to develop best practices, intellectual roperties, accelerators and methodologies. Itelligence boats of a strong foothold in the SAP market of India with its offices is Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Leveraging the strength of its 25 country global network, Itelligence supports both large enterprises and SMBs in the segments of Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution and Education with best of breed solutions that optimizes business operations and helps customers create a distinction in the market.

Focusing on SAP Technologies
A key service offering from the firm is Application Management Services(AMS)through which businesses can outsource the task of managing their SAP application to Itelligence’s group of experts while they focus on their core competencies. To ensure smooth transition of SAP solutions, the firm has developed a unique methodology called IT. Transition. Generally the transition begins with the identification of the vulnerable areas which require the utmost attention. This is followed by application maintenance support where attempts to stabilize the system are made. After this, enhancements support is initiated with the aim of identifying areas that can be further optimized. Both the steps help users derive maximum benefits out of their existing implementation. The team then creates a roadmap for the customers where the target is to reduce the customers’ dependency on the solution provider. In addition to application support, due attention is also paid to deliver value added services. Outcome based models only add to the customers list of benefits. When it comes to the customization of solutions, Sanjeev Deshpande shares that the firm advises customers against excessive modification to the standard solution for this is likely to create obstacles in maintaining the software. Other SAP specific services at Itelligence include SAP HANA Cloud Services, SAP Solution Manager, IT Strategy Consulting and more.

With its sole focus on SAP and SAP related technologies and products, Itelligence is one of the few partners for SAP Leonardo in India. Built on top of SAP cloud platform, SAP Leonardo enables business leaders to leverage the power of disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things(IoT), Machine Learning(ML), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Big Data and more. Along with the assistance through out the end to end implementation process, Itelligence offers organizations on-demand custom development services that enable clients to come up with innovative products. The custom development services often commence with design workshop that enables clients to identify potential areas of innovation. Thereafter SAP solution comes into the picture, enabling clients to realize their goals. As a part of its R&D
efforts, Itelligence has been continuously investing to develop their proprietary Leonardo modules and services that can be expected to be rolled out by the third quarter.

Customer relationship management is another area where Itelligence drives businesses with the best of SAP. Delivering SAP Hybr is C4C, Itelligence facilitates not just sales manager but also provides employees with analytics driven insights on mobile devices, delivering executives with the ability respond to clients and attend to their needs along with route optimization on the go.

A Subsidiary Of NTT Data Business Solutions, Itelligences One Of The World’s Largest Sap Partners, Spearheading The Segment As A Sap- Only Company

One of the SAP solutions that have a unique architecture best suited for the SMB segment is SAP Business By Design. It has found wide spread acceptance due to its cost-efficiency and tremendous functionality that takes away the onus of hosting solutions on premise and maintaining costly hardware infrastructure along with the benefit of easy implementation. Itelligence, by enabling SMBs to realize global standards in business operations, has further added several industry specific SAP certified packages in the market that accelerate the process of implementation. Sanjeev Deshpande adds that the Itelligence’s addition to package has been well received by the clients and they are responding to the services with positive feedbacks. In addition to these, Itelligence’s portfolio of products also includes it .document handling suite, it.mds,it. x-press and SAP Success Factors.

Breaking new ground
Staying at the edge of innovation, Itelligence accounts for over USD 1 Billion in revenues with around 15-20% increase in its headcount year on year. Itelligence is also making huge investments anticipating the surge in the demands for SAP services in the Indian business landscape. Envisioning the future, Sanjeev Deshpande adds, “We see great potential in the India market. As the Cloud market continues to evolve, we are also evolving our services to meet the growing demands of technology.” Currently, the firm is gearing up for SAP’s upcoming offering for the Indian market place, which is S4 HANA Public Cloud. Itelligence has already equipped itself to serve the varied demands of the customers around this product. The country can also expect to see Itelligence further strengthen its foot hold with expansion to the eastern region with another branch in Kolkata soon.

SAP Consultants with Extensive Industry Expertise
The key behind Itelligence’s enviable list of successful implementation is a large and expert product development group. The firm prides itself with over 1300 SAP consultants in India. This powerful workforce has enabled Itelligence to develop an array of products using SAP technologies to complement SAP solutions, be it for SAP Leonardo, SAP Cloud platform,SAP Hosting Services, SAP Application Services, SAP HANA along with offerings to complete SAP Implementations and Migrations. The in-depth know how of the various industries and ability to understand the client’s pain points only add to the firm’s competency. “Whatever we do in India, we also carry the same practices into the other regions of the globe. In this way we ensure collaboration between the domestic and the global teams,” says Sanjeev Deshpande.

Minimum Downtime with Accelerated Implementation
Challenged with data inconsistencies, redundancies, and lack of structure in the reports of their existing ERP system, Nava Bharat Ventures a player in the mining, energy, and agriculture sector after much deliberation collaborated with Itelligence to upgrade to a robust ERP solution that could efficiently store and manage business critical data. After examination of various plants in multiple locations and their business process, the consultants at Itelligence zeroed in on the next-generation business suite - SAP S/4HANA.

To ensure that the downtime was minimum, Itelligence deployed SAP Activate methodology which encompasses the best practices and tools that accelerate implementation processes. Combining SAP upgrade and database migration with database migration option (DMO) in Software Update Manager further simplified the project. Two mock upgrades were executed with the final production upgrade executed with 16 hours of downtime. Today Nava Bharat enjoys optimized business processes in all key areas of business with greater control over budget allocation and utilization, as well as procurement along with enhanced employee performance with instant access to data and additional flexibility from SAP Fiori. Itelligence also advised Nava Bharat on how to streamline and standardize structures for reporting.