Wurth IT India - Leveraging SAP solutions to lead organisation through digital transformation

CIO Vendor SAP has emerged not only as the most widely accepted ERP solution but has become a core of businesses worldwide. Leveraging on its new cloud based strategy, SAP continues to extend its reach enabling its partners to transform their landscape faster and better. However, the true power of SAP remains unutilized unless the business processes running through it have touch points enabled at all levels. Mobile solutions, e-commerce solutions, BI and reporting tools and all other 3rd party tools need to connect to SAP and utilize the power of the core. While this is easier said than done, most of the companies fail in creating a harmonized API layer to integrate seamlessly to SAP. The web of point to point integration fails to be scalable and agile.

Pune based, global organization Wurth IT is able to assure organisations a successful integration of various IT resources and systems with SAP systems ensuring maximum capacity utilization. The Managing Director of Wurth IT India, Abhishek Bhate explains, “Our integration accelerators will simplify the architecture and provide best of the breed solutions to create a harmonized integration landscape. This ensures that the IT systems provide tangible results quickly. Our team takes care of uniting all resources so that same result is available across all touch points.”

Leveraging on the expertise built over a span of 20 years of SAP implementations globally, Wurth is positioned as a niche consulting firm providing SAP HANA, e-commerce and mobility solutions worldwide. While most vendors choose to create customized solutions for each client that inevitably increases dependency on the solution provider, Wurth believes in using standard SAP recommended solutions to minimize risk of upgrade and provide continuous support over the life-cycle of the system.
The firm provides consistent and flawless support across all SAP solutions. Abhishek Bhate assures, “Our maintenance and support team ensures the business activities continue undisturbed in spite of ongoing enhancements.”

Wurth also brings the ability to implement tailored made solutions enabling organizations to utilize digital commerce intelligently and effectively. Abhishek Bhate delineates, “We bring with us rich experience of having implemented market leading e-commerce platforms such as SAP Hybris and Intershop blended with multi domain experience and technical skills”. The firm offers various allied services in this space with focus on consulting services, platform implementation, plat form upgrade, integrations with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and maintenance services for a seamless overall enterprise experience.

Our integration accelerators will simplify the architecture and provide best of the breed solutions to create a harmonized integration landscape

Associating with Wurth enables organisations to achieve flexibility and scalability of solutions which remains a challenge in the new digital economy. With innovation in its core, Wurth acts as a counsellor, advising the client on the right model of operation, devising cross platform real time mobile solutions and more. Believing in its people as the greatest asset, the firm fosters an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. Signing off, Abhishek Bhate says that Wurth is poised to take centre stage leading the wave of digital transformation. The firm is also fast expanding in its capabilities in IoT, AI, and analytics and is gearing up to be a niche player in this space.