Sungard Availability Services - Reducing Business Risk by Protecting SAP Applications

CIO Vendor With the increasing dependence of business over IT services, the vast and varied IT landscape delivering these services are getting more complex by the day. As more business adopt data-driven decision making through their SAP enterprise solutions, they increasingly recognise the urgency of providing an ample protection to their IT Landscape running these services for obvious reasons of business continuity. Today, enterprises have rapid scalability and high data consumption needs and face serious cost pressures when setting up on-premise DR infrastructure. They end up committing significant investment towards a system that rarely gets used. There is also a need to incur operating expenses around maintenance, upgrades and frequent changes to the workload. Hence organizations find it hard to justify the cost of setting-up and maintaining an on-prim disaster recovery site. They are increasingly turning to cloud-based disaster recovery to ensure business never stops, no matter what.

Sungard Availability Service (Sungard AS) cloud based recovery solution enables businesses to avail the benefits of cloud-based disaster recovery solution that runs on a secure enterprise-class platform and costs significantly less than on-prim replication solutions. Other unique features of Sungard AS solutions are that it is scalable to meet varying capacity requirements, offers flexibility to pay as the deployment proceeds, and reduces the need for in-house replication and failover.

“In current environments organizations understand the importance of fully recoverable production service than ever before. Sungard AS cloud-based disaster recovery solution combines a fully secure enterprise-class cloud infrastructure with aggressive RTOs and scalability you expect for your most critical applications.
Data and applications are restored to a near-zero recovery point.” elaborates Naveen Anand, Director – Solution EngineeringIndia, Sungard Availability Services.
With the cloud-based recovery solution for the SAP environment, the cloud based resources are provisioned at the time of test and disaster both. They eliminate the need to dedicate SAP production servers at the recovery site and provide high level of flexibility along with providing a utility-based infrastructure that is wellsuited to the complexity of SAP environments. The secondary SAP database and application servers are cloud-based and configurable to accommodate production site changes without upfront capital investment.

“The cloud-based recovery for SAP allows customers to reduce business risk by protecting SAP applications with a pre-engineered, flexible, and service level agreement (SLA)-protected DR solution. Sungard AS manages your secondary site infrastructure, so you avoid the additional cost and burden associated with secondary site systems and maintenance tasks” states Naveen.

Sungard AS Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery solution combines a fully secure enterprise-class cloud infrastructure with aggressive RTOs and scalability you expect for your most critical applications

Sungard AS is an emerging player in this segment with lots of development in cloud based recovery solutions. They make sure that everyone involved namely employees, stakeholders, and customers avail the benefits of the partnership. They deliver a customized solutions based on the unique business needs and offer staff and tools for transparency after deployment. Sungard AS aims to be the top player in the segment and is slowly expanding itself to reach a wider audience.