smartShift Technologies - Delivering Upgrades and Transformation Projects on SAP

CIO Vendor As technology and businesses evolve, it becomes imperative for companies to maintain a technological infrastructure that can support change. This is why companies should undertake an upgrade of their SAP landscape. In addition to that, the fact that SAP supports release version of its software only for a limited period makes the role of the SAP providers very critical in maintaining the ecosystem around SAP. Clients often need expert consulting advice apart from expertise in the technical and functional areas.

smartShift Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., based in Bangalore, has come up with a smartTool, which completes technical upgrades faster. The tool is a differentiator in delivering upgrades and transformation projects on SAP. “Our expertise in the SAP platform combined with our in house tool allows upgrades to be much smoother and of high quality. We partner with our clients and ensure that post upgrade, we do not leave our clients high and dry. Our patented in house tool is a big differentiator and we are leaders in the automation space,” states Rajesh Menon, Country Head - India.
smartShift transforms the world’s enterprise systems through automation. Automation allows for predictability, speed, and accuracy, leading to enterprise agility and innovation, this enables smartShift to complete transformations in days and weeks, not months and years. “Projects completed by us adhere to vendor and customer specifications, without human error and we perform transformations with minimal or no business impact” elaborates a technical expert within smartShift.

SAP has transformed SAP HANA from a relatively straightforward in-memory data warehouse into a platform capable of running many enterprise applications.
smartShift HANA services ensure custom code is transformed to work on HANA and obtain the maximum performance benefits from new in-memory database technologies. smartShift accelerates the custom code transformation for major HANA implementations. “We also provide consulting services on custom code pushdown and migration to S/4 HANA. We continuously build rules into our tool so that we can deliver high quality Unicode conversions, Upgrades, HANA migrations, and S4HANA migrations,” per one of their technical architects.

Our expertise in the SAP platform combined with our in house tool allows upgrades to be much smoother and of high quality

Elaborating on the future plans, Rajesh says, “We will continue to invest heavily in SAP upgrade and transformation services and the cloud. We possess expertise on the cloud side thus allowing us to provide value added services for clients ready to save zillions of dollars on IT investment. We are in a good spot as our focus on SAP and Cloud will enrich customers around the world. We are partnering with Cloud providers like Amazon in order to ensure that we architect and deliver value added SAP solutions on cloud. We aim to spread our branding and knowledge to the SAP Asia Pacific market and also would like to expand our customer base in Asia Pacific region including India. Our goal is to offer our services to the thousands of firms interested in seeking our expertise on SAP and Cloud. If you have a SAP upgrade/migration project or a cloud related initiative, smartShift is here to help.”