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CIO Vendor SAP is one of the most widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions today which enable organizations across verticals to optimize critical business functions such as Accounting and Finance, Human Capital Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Enterprise Performance Management, and many others. SAP is revolutionizing the enterprise applications market by integrating different business processes. Implementing enterprise softwares require a close scrutiny of an organization’s strategy as well as understanding existing automated solutions and is a difficult process as it involves customizing solutions for different types of end users.

Today, organizations are looking for vendors who assure compliance during every phase of the implementation or upgrade along with being in alliance with the best practices in industry. Hyderabad headquartered Porus Software Solutions provides enterprises an ample opportunity to review or realign internal controls to enable better business practices. With best practices and a customer driven perspective, Porus provides a variety of services including Implementation, Rollouts, Upgrades and Migration, Offshore Development, Application Development Services and more.

Providing SAP services to simplify ERP
Porus’s SAP Application Support and Maintenance service (ASM) enable cost-efficient and flexible operations while ensuring uninterrupted business operations. “Porus SAP ASM services are committed to establish a high performance, quality operation by providing reliable support processes, focused information on services, flexibility and the ability to recognize trends and adapt quickly to technical and business needs of its customers,” elaborates Purushotham Reddy, Founder and CEO, Porus. Porus’s SAP AMS program ensures predictable and transparent support costs, reduced risk, reliable and sustainable operations and flexibility to scale in order to align with changing business environments.
SAP Upgrade is needed to modernize the SAP system, meet market requirements and provide richer functionality to business. Porus Software provides services to steer a customer’s SAP installation to the next version. “Some of our typical upgrade activities include: Analysis of upgrade requirements, Formulation of the upgrade strategy, Baseline technical upgrade, Upgrade of customizations, Unit test and system test of upgraded application, Data migration and Project management,” delineates Purushottam.

SAP Analytics solutions provide comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI), information management and performance management required to increase visibility on every aspect of operations and gain a competitive edge.
Some of its benefits include improved decision making by delivering the right data to the right employee at the right time.

When it comes to delivery of actionable information, Porus leverages SAP HANA and exhibits astute flexibility by following several approaches that can run in parallel to meet specific business goals.
Porus also follows a unique approach to developing SAP Screen Personas; they are developed after hours of client engagement which allows them to harness the power of user centric design in providing the optimal SAP experience to end business users. Some of the benefits of SAP screen personas include that it provides a single user experience entry point for all SAP applications designs along with an intuitive suite on SAP HANA experience, and also enable seamless migration to cloud.

Porus’s SAP AMS program ensures predictable and transparent support costs, reduced risk, reliable and sustainable operations and flexibility to scale in order to align with changing business environments

Porus provides a set of SAP Fiori apps with a simple and spontaneous experience for broadly and repeatedly used SAP software functions that work across many devices such as – desktop, tablet, or smartphone etc. some of the achievements in SAP Fiori are simplification of the standard Fiori apps in several areas such as HCM, SD, MM, FI etc., design of the UX consistent across devices like desktops and mobiles, increased user adoption by making it simple, based on HTML 5, decreased the error rate by the users, immediately makes it more likeable and hassle free.

Distinguishing Factors
With a variety of players in the market, Porus differentiates itself by helping IT managers deal with numerous IT systems, cloud environments and manage multiple vendors and need to deal with enterprise compliance, governance and security. They are usually constrained by time and resources to meet the business needs. “We take care of the routine tasks related with hardware and software infrastructure such as security checks and software updates. All services are provided remotely from our secure environment. Clients enjoy cost savings and peace of mind knowing the business interruptions are now eliminated and systems are working normally during business and off business hours,” states Purushottam.

Porus aims to broaden their reach by providing their services to USA and EMEA Regions. They endeavor to expand their services in mobile apps with IOS SDK and Hybrid & Native Apps, cloud applications with S/4 HANA and Integration & Migration, HCP with Fiori for IOS and an IOT App.