Intellect Bizware - Enabling Uninterrupted DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION of Enterprises

CIO Vendor Today IT has become so pervasive that we cannot separate it from our lives. With the growth of digitization, the dependency of businesses to manage and automate their processes and reporting has increased manifold. SAP has always set the benchmark for business applications, accelerating business processes, enabling visibility and simplifying the IT environment. Acknowledging these benefits associated with the SAP solutions, businesses have always aspired to adopt SAP systems. And with the latest S/4HANA which acts as the digital core, along with the consumer-like user experience and easy-to-learn features, businesses are experiencing a significant drop in the TCO.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, organisations and enterprises often expect SAP solution providers to implement the solution based on industry best practices and help users adapt to the changes in processes. Organisations seek for a partner who is able to train and guide end users for a smooth transition and become a reliable ally for long term for growth. Mumbai based Intellect Bizware, is an end-to-end provider of IT services and a niche player in the SAP solutions market. One of the largest domestic SAP practices in India with close to 250 SAP resources, Intellect is led by an involved senior team that participates in all projects and engagements. With more than 140 customer engagements on SAP and a focus on India, the team brings vast experience to the table in helping customers tackle problems. Only a few SAP partners can claim such kind of experience. At Intellect, the involvement of the senior team in every engagement, whether big or small, greatly benefits the clients as well. For the experience gained from such an association, also helps clients to optimize on these solutions. However, accelerated business process and productivity is not the outcome of the involvement of a single stakeholder. Consequently, the team at Intellect embarks on an heuristic journey where they explain to the client team how the system will actually work in their organization from the first stages and which loopholes and problems the solution will target thereby accelerating their business productivity.

Formula for Success
Taking us through the implementation process of SAP solutions, the CEO & Co-Founder of Intellect Bizware, Sabahat Kazi, explains, “Our methodology is based on the agile framework from SAP called SAP Activate. The system is showcased to the users and management teams iteratively in requirement workshops until it is ready for deployment. Being a subsidiary of Nihilent Technologies, Intellect Bizware not only implements solutions but also institutionalizes it within the client company’s DNA via a patented change management framework”. He further adds, “SAP implementations are not just about the tools and methodologies but also about preparing the client for implementation and explaining the bigger picture. Intellect Bizware’s formula for success starts at the very beginning of customer engagement. We ensure that when prospective CXOs discuss the solution with us, they know what to expect. We also explain the strategic nature of the implementation and the need for their involvement, focus and commitment”. The firm also enables checks and validations in the system to reduce data entry mistakes as much as possible while handling the end users once the system is live.

Implementation blended with Consulting
Apart from the usual business processes like procure to pay, order to cash, record to report, plan to produce and hire to retire, organizations also have their own uniqueness. And many of these unique elements provide these organizations the competitive edge. Hence at Intellect, they blend the implementation services with consulting services, leveraging their deep industry knowledge to advice organizations around the adoption of best practices in the industry and yet keeping their unique edge through workarounds and additional developments. Equipped with an expert development team, Intellect is able to deliver enhancements rather quickly. It is quite natural for one to doubt the quality of such quick delivery.
However, Intellect puts such doubts to rest by delivering developments which are tried and tested, providing clients a reduced risk of disruption. Sabahat Kazi delineates, “Many times, through out of the box thinking, we have been able to create additional differentiators by applying our knowledge of other industries and segments to our customer’s industry.”

The implementations at Intellect are taken aboard with the aim to generate genuine business value for customers rather than the mere deployment of the solution. Thus, every project manager and consultant here is judged based on the customer KPIs and feedback. In fact customers are encouraged to rate the consultant on different parameters as well as issues that are raised with Intellect’s team.

Customization of Solutions
Over the past few years, SAP has provided more flexibility in terms of customizing the solutions for customers’ unique needs. This can be now achieved without modifying the core system as would have been required in earlier versions of the SAP solution. SAP is also providing SAP Cloud Platform (earlier called SAP HANA Cloud Platform) so that the core of the S/4HANA system remains untouched, while customers can build extensions and add-ons in the cloud outside the S/4HANA system. In fact, Intellect has championed SAP HCP and has emerged as a leader, winning the SAP HCP Hackathon for partners in Mumbai.

Enhancing the Users’ Capabilities
Intellect offers various support models for customers depending on their internal team size, dynamic changes in business and industry. These support models also cater to change requests, new process configuration apart from regular support. Where Intellect makes a huge difference is in the number of man-days provided for. Intellect also provides training as part of the implementation services specific to the customer’s requirements enhancing the users’ understanding of job roles and responsibilities, quick decision making and better dexterity at work. These training services may differ based on the target audience who could range from the end user, the core team or the management.
Customer Centricity and Innovative Delivery
Intellect is an experienced player in this domain delivering solutions to a wide range of industry verticals across the globe, each of which has provided the firm an extensive exposure. The firm’s associations and partnerships primarily revolve around works with the consumer goods and retail segment, chemical, pharmaceuticals, mill based industries such as steel & textiles, engineering and automobiles, services and EPC domains.

Starting from the year 2007 with their first customer to 2016, pioneering work in S/4HANA, Intellect’s journey has been remarkable

2016 proved to be rather transformative year for Intellect with the firm winning the prestigious ET NOW Leaders of Tomorrow Award in IT/ ITES Category. And very recently the SAP APJ Partner Excellence Award for Top New Sell Partner in APAC and Japan Region. Starting from the year 2007 with their first customer to 2016, pioneering work in S/4HANA, Intellect’s journey has been remarkable. A factor that keeps pushing Intellect to reach new heights is probably their real customer centricity and innovative delivery of solutions. Sabahat Kazi hopes the firm emerges as the “GO TO” digital partner for businesses for digital transformation using SAP solutions in the coming years.