ConstAccent Consultancy - Empowering enterprises to derive value from SAP solutions

CIO Vendor SAP reigns as a versatile enterprise solution provider, the solutions of which are capable of managing the most advanced functions of businesses providing enterprises across verticals and domains a competitive edge. While the suite of applications allows one to manage critical functions such as finance and logistics, it also deals with intricacies related to employee, suppliers, vendors, business partners and all enterprise wide networks that directly or indirectly support business activities related to banks, investors, agents, franchise, sub-contractors and more. However, SAP solutions being off the shelf solution, demands configuration to suit the unique business needs of individual enterprise in correlation with its business processes and hierarchy. This modelling and realisation of new ways of working or adapting the best practises is provided by SAP implementation vendors. Hence the role of an implementation partner is crucial while the solution provisioning is being done.

Mumbai based Constaccent Consultancy differentiates themselves in the market as a SAP solution provider that leverages on deep experience and expertise in business process management and ERP solution provisioning. Vijay Pandit, Founder and Executive Director at Constaccent proudly remarks, “We are rated above many large SAP partner companies by our clients when it comes to value addition and finesse in implanting any end to end process.” The skilled professionals here aim to empower businesses with the best IT platform that would not only accelerate business processes but also increase productivity. Providing an insight to their client engagement approach, he explains, “Often customers initiate their discussions with regard to re-engineering or managing business processes. But those processes when applied require continuity and the role of SAP as a business accelerator comes forth. As a service provider for consulting and implementation we are in a position to initiate and carry clients through this transition to SAP solutions without any disruption.”

Constaccent, with the aim to help customers respond to business drivers and challenges, offers specialised consulting services such as value discovery consulting, enterprise integration, business process management and risk management.
Through these services the expert team at Constaccent transforms organisations from the ground level to the top hierarchy. The team works around all aspects of the function, thereby providing a tangible value in terms of inventory cost, financial planning, time to execute, communication, alerts, growth readiness and many more important aspects. Constaccent also supports and undertakes large SAP installations with provisioning specialised skills, which are rare and scare. The firm undertakes many consortium engagements involving skills provisioning. Contaaccent boasts of an enviable list of clientele that includes IBM, Parle, Reliance and many more.

Keeping the prime focus around business process management and SAP solutions, Constaccent offers a wide range of services

Keeping the prime focus around business process management and SAP solutions, Constaccent offers a wide range of services. Vijay Pandit enlightens, “In the education segment, we are associated with many organisations for corporate SAP training. We also offer selective courses for business users as well as consultants in SAP core modules and for advance solutions such as CRM, SCM, PLM and many more.” Application support services at Constaccent, work with ITIL standards using customised process and tools. Vijay Pandit emphasises that high level of process orientation is adapted with respect to information security and client confidentiality while dealing with their applications. A key factor that enables the firm to address the unique requirements of clients is their knowledge about various industry verticals that has been instilled through experience. Constaccent holds great command over verticals such as manufacturing, insurance & banking, media & entertainment, telecommunication, and the utilities and public sector.

Keeping the future roadmap in mind, Vijay Pandit envisions, “We shall grow to mid tyre segment, keeping combination of our niche and generic services. In terms of clients we shall strive to provide most SAP and interfacing services apart from BPM.” With the determination to emerge as a business leader, the firm shall also dive into cloud segment. Vijay Pandit concludes that Constaccent shall continue creating fortune for its employees in terms of career excellence and social stability.