BR ERP Technologies - Prescribing solution to maximize customer’s shareholder value

CIO Vendor Powered by the SAP NetWeaver and Hana platform, SAP business solutions are helping enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships, enhance partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains and business operations. All the solutions are readily available, the challenge is to find out the business requirement and suggest perfectly suitable solutions through SAP. At BR ERP Technology, it is customary to go through the existing business procedure very minutely and prescribe a suitable SAP solution as per the SAP best practice in the market.

BR ERP Technology has started its journey in SAP implementation and support from the year 2010 and within a span of seven years it has achieved tremendous success. BR ERP believes that implementation of SAP should follow a systematic approach. “Behind all the successful implementations, we have followed defined steps such as detailed discussions with customers for acquiring knowledge of existing system, requirement, expectations and problems, generation and approval of Business blue print. This is followed by a 3 Tier system of development and configuration, joint testing of developments in the Development Server and after successful testing and approval from user at Development and Quality server, transfer to Production Server takes place”, as told by Biswanath Maitra , Founder, BR ERP Technology.

The company does not just stop at implementation but goes beyond and provides a SAP Customer Rescues service. “Since our consultants have many years of experience in implementing SAP products across different industrial segments, they are able to identify the cause of failure by previous developers and weak areas and provide quick effective solutions and rectify to make the site functional in the SAP platform”, says Biswanath.

BR ERP always keeps a close watch on the various up-gradations in the SAP System and adopts those changes immediately so that it can serve better to its customer with new avenues of the system.
This self up gradation has made BR ERP team the best and optimum solution provider apart from a strategist. The company provides training to the Users and Core team members while Implementation of any new module and ongoing support in the Client site as and when required. “User training is carried out in planned and phased manner before 'Go live' of any SAP implementation. Post implementation support has given to the client regarding any issues at onsite or through remotely”, says Biswanath. The team members are well equipped with the new changes in the SAP solution so that they can serve its client satisfactorily as per their requirement.

BR ERP always keeps a close watch on the various upgradations in the SAP System and adopts those changes immediately so that it can serve better to its customer with new avenues of the system

Maintaining client participation and loyalty is a big challenge that every company has to pay considerable attention to. At BR ERP, a Diagnostic Approach is adopted to maximize the client’s shareholder value. The service has distinctive features carefully drafted to ensure maximum benefit to the client. Through this service, the team provides- customize reports, 24x7 backend support, effective solutions, regular updates, follow ups and meeting, and many more features.

In last seven years, BR ERP Technology has satisfactorily dealt with so many clients in various types of Industrial segments e.g Power, Steel, Aluminum, mines, Paper meal etc. BR ERP’s forte areas are SAP Roll out, SAP Merger, FSCM (TRM) implementation, Easy DMS implementation, Automation with e-banking, successful SAP end to end implementation.

Currently, BR ERP Technology is gathering knowledge and experience to work in SAP HANA and Cloud Platform and wants to spread globally.