Porus Software Consultants Pvt. Ltd: Offering Innovative and Customized SAP Technology Solutions

CIO Vendor The partnership between organizations and SAP technology solution providers has become increasingly essential over the years. Clients will continue to expect, as they have always done, thorough understanding of their business processes by their vendors and an adaptation of implementation methods to those business processes to the fullest extent possible. Several organizations are moving fast towards this technological trend thus by far giving an opportunity for consultants to move into this challenging terrain.

Porus expects an explosion of interactive devices to replace unimodal use of desktops or laptops

In this market situation, Porus Software Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a SAP technology solutions partner, did just that. The company fiercely defends its competitive edge by discarding a one-size-fits-all approach and adopting the strategy of providing painstaking customized solutions. They seek to discover what will work best for the client, and stay away from run-of-the-mill and routine implementations at rock bottom rates.
One of their success stories would be from one of their leading sites, the creation of a market within that site for existing SAP applications and technologies. In a multi-vendor situation, where a threat to a bigger vendor is likely to lead to retaliation and heightened employee attrition, Porus developed areas within the SAP capabilities which had not yet been fully exploited by the clients or by their large vendors. This allowed innovative and path-breaking development to take place without threatening any other interest, a certain price protection, and the ability to focus employee skill development in areas in which other competitors were not engaged. The result was the development on parallel paths, strictly within the boundaries of the SAP package in use and its scope, and increasing specialization of staff compared to other vendors’ staff.

Purushotham Reddy Challa, Founder and CEO of Porus Software Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Proudly proclaims, “We pride ourselves on our integrity and our determination to identify what is best for the client, and to overlook underinformed pressure by them to adapt a routine practice at low prices for the sake of being able to show quick results. At the same time, our implementation schedules are extremely quick, as the vision of our top management, when suggesting a client a solution, is infused within the team in an all-pervasive way.”

Porus expects an explosion of interactive devices to replace unimodal use of desktops or laptops. The company has geared up to cope with clients who are always on the move, who seek to access data that is always changing, in order to cope with a market that is increasingly more challenging.

“Porus stands for a differentiated and intelligent approach, and wishes to reach out to clients who appreciate differentiation and superior service,” Purushotham Reddy Challa concludes.