Nagarro Software: Enabling Business Efficiency and Developing a Robust ERP Roadmap

CIO Vendor Even though SAP ERP has numerous benefits, enterprises still expect their IT vendors to help them define their ERP roadmap and provide experienced subject matter experts.With a highly qualified team (43 percent of whom have SAP certifications) that has an average experience of six years, Nagarro Software is well positioned to address specific ERP needs of such enterprises and help them define their ERP roadmap.

Nagarro Software is an arm of the Germany-based Allgeier Group and has offices in Germany, Sweden, Austria, UK, US, Mexico, and Asia. Across APAC, Nagarro has its presence in Gurgaon, Jaipur and Singapore. With a strong presence in various locations across the globe, Nagarro provides ‘global reach with a local touch’ to their customers.

Nagarro leverages its proprietary Transformation Enablement Framework to help clients roll out SAP solutions

Sharad Narayan, Vice President & Head APAC at Nagarro explained that the company has built a SAP CoE to work horizontally across all project teams and ensure seamless solutioning and delivery. “At Nagarro, we know how to combine a robust backend with an agile front end. This is a critical differentiating factor that most customers from various sectors are looking for,” reveals Sharad. His team understands that no two customers are alike in terms of maturity in IT. So Nagarro brings in the industry expertise required to cater to the customer’s individual needs.
Focused on ensuring zero-disruption in business for its customers, Nagarro follows a rigorous and automated testing process in SAP projects. Nagarro also utilizes its robust training framework specifically designed by the Nagarro University to ensure the right support for organizational change management. Nagarro’s experience of working across the globe with diverse players has led to the development of proprietary solutions that can address the challenges around accounts, consolidation, registers, managing inventory, profitability reports, cost benefit analysis etc. Nagarro’sproprietary tools, frameworks and accelerators improve efficiencies across projects to the tune of 10-22 percent and help reduce cost of ownership. The company has also developed industry-wise, pre-defined templates to handle common business needs.

Apart from providing pre-defined templates, Nagarro leverages its proprietary Transformation Enablement Framework to help clients roll out SAP solutions. In addition, the company has also designed a migration platform to migrate from Java to the SAP ABAP stack. They also provide an all-in-one integration solution framework along with ready to deploy integration solutions that can cater to various integration technology stacks, reducing the deployment time by 30 percent. And by using Nagarro’s automated SAP testing framework, the time to test is reduced by 37 percent.

“Nagarro,in partnership with SAP, is building unique IP solutions on the HANA platform by utilizing predictive analytics to understand employee attrition or retention and ensuring business continuity,” adds Sharad.Apart from a strong domain centric techno-functional SAP team, Nagarro has upskilled its staff with third generation technology skillsets like Finance, Logistics,Analytics (on Hana), Digital Transformation and IoT. Sharad adds that Nagarro has aligned its future roadmap to SAP’s growth strategy and his team will continue developing deep capabilities across third generation technologies. “Having worked with quite a few Fortune 100 companies, we have evolved our Transformation Enablement Framework to a level where our solutions and deliverables are bound by a mature and proven set of business rules to ensure that they meet the industry best practice and standards,” concludes Sharad.