Lithan Academy: Technology and Innovation Skills for Future Jobs

CIO Vendor Technology is moving at breakneck pace. Social media, Mobile computing, Analytics and Cloud computing (SMAC) are fundamentally changing the way companies operate. The Internet of Things is driving innovation and new opportunities, by dragging every consumer, every object, and every activity into the digital ecosystem. And leading enterprises are driving similar change within their own organisations, by digitally enabling every product, service, process and employee.
Technology and innovation skills are now essential for the vast majority of job roles. Job roles must adapt to deliver the digital capabilities required by modern enterprises. Employees need to embrace technology and innovation skills, in order to be effective in the digital world.

Lithan develops programmes for tech entrepreneurs that deliver more than just training

Leaders and managers must be competent in both business and technology skills. It’s no longer enough to understand only one or the other. They’ll be expected to manage and create digital disruption, by employing a diverse range of skills to redefine business models and streamline operations.

The Digital Transformation of Lithan Academy
Lithan Academy is Singapore’s leading adult education institution with its India office in Mumbai. The institution is a perfect example of a traditional learning organisation that is transforming itself and evolving with the new digital economy. Lithan is maturing, from a traditional face-to-face adult education provider, into a ‘Future Jobs and Skills Provider’. Lithan is helping to close the third Platform skills gap, by educating and training the next generation of technology and innovation professionals.
And job roles within Lithan are simultaneously adjusting to support its own transformation. Lithan’s strategic leaders are applying Business Model Innovation, Digital Marketing Tools and Lean Canvas. Lithan’s Sales and Marketing departments are enhancing their omni-channel community outreach using customer engagement tools like Social Media, Digital, Product Marketing Techniques and CRM.

Lithan’s Operations teams are improving their digital product delivery capabilities using real-time straight through processing techniques including Digital Thinking, Computational Thinking, and AGILE Management Methodologies. Lithan is changing its traditional direct sales model to an online model, and its previously separate sales and marketing functions are converging to deliver multi channel capabilities. Direct Sales Managers are being retrained with product marketing expertise, digital marketing techniques, and social or mobile tools to engage customers via both online and offline channels.

Traditional classroom lecturers are transforming into learning facilitators, helping to guide students via blended learning pedagogy and technology. Course curricula are becoming aligned with the needs of the industry, so that the new applied learning programmes cater to the current and future needs of both employees and employers.

Lithan develops programmes for tech entrepreneurs that deliver more than just training. These programmes complement classroom learning with insights shared by successful business people. Training curriculum developers are adopting innovative new methods and practices that leverage technology to deliver superior learning outcomes. And training delivery managers are embracing multi-channel communication technologies, and advanced learning analytics, so they can offer scalable and flexible personalised education delivery.

“To thrive in the innovation and knowledge-based economy, you need agility. Adult educators must be more than just trainers. Education is no longer an individual endeavour, but a collaborative effort. You’re a learning facilitator, knowledge content developer, a coach or mentor, and even a consulting practitioner. To deliver that, it’s essential to stay current with the industry,” signs off Lithan Academy Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh.