Akshay Software Technologies: Demystifying ERP Implementation through Effective Engagement

CIO Vendor Today, many SMEs are embracing ERP for enhancing efficiency and productivity of their organizations, which is expected to help generate timely MIS leading to faster decision making and increased revenues and profits. Typically, SMEs expect ERP to address requirements of all their departments, provide various MIS and reports in a timely manner, provide long term support with latest technology or functionality based upgrades and mobility solutions etc.

There are several cases of failures in ERP projects. The reasons attributable to the vendor include inadequate understanding of customer’s requirements and processes, imperfect implementation, poor project management, insufficient testing and underestimating implementation time etc. This is aggravated by lack of customer readiness in a timely manner, non-availability of relevant customer personnel during implementation, inadequate involvement from company personnel and senior management and skimping on technical competence by opting a ‘cheaper vendor’ quoting lower implementation costs etc. Thus, while planning to implement an ERP, SMEs should consider all the above factors and evolve an effective strategy to ensure that they make correct choice and get maximum ROI.

In this background, Navi Mumbai headquartered Akshay Software Technologies with its team of qualified consultants having hands-on experience and domain knowledge across various sectors, is uniquely positioned to ensure success of SAP Business One projects. Akshay provides procurement, implementation, support and maintenance of SAP B1. Founded in 1987, Akshay’s strategic partnership with SAP combined with its implementation methodology and ability to scale up its operations rapidly, puts it in a unique position in the ERP space. The company offers customer support, responsiveness and develops both add-on functionalities and reports according to the requirements of its clients. Akshay has customers across a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from chemicals, food,
pharmaceuticals and textiles to engineering, manufacturing, robotics automation and retail etc. Through the implementation of SAP B1, Akshay ensures organization-wide automation of all processes with 100 percent fitment and best practices, while ensuring ease of operations. Akshay’s consultants engage with customer personnel to understand and accurately document their requirements in the Business Blue Print (BBP) document. This BBP is presented to the senior management of the customer for approval. Akshay’s implementation methodology document is shared with the customer who is briefed as what the software can do, what they should expect and what should be their actionables to ensure success. The customer is also able to have a robust MIS and generate various reports in a timely manner with the latest data, which facilitates informed decision making.

Akshay offers periodic review of the project’s progress with senior management to fix responsibility for various actionables within stipulated timelines

After the project implementation has been completed, Akshay deploys its support resource to help the customer utilize SAP B1 optimally. This support resource helps staff in terms of hand-holding, re-training and day-to-day usage till they become familiar with the operations of SAP B1.

Through its regular dialogue with the senior management of the customer, Akshay ensures pro-active involvement of these officials during project implementation. Akshay offers periodic review of the project’s progress with senior management to fix responsibility for various actionables within stipulated timelines. Further, Akshay’s top management ensures its commitment through internal project reviews by its CEO and allocates adequate resources for the projects under implementation. Akshay also constantly monitors the evolving requirements of the market and prepares its human capital through continuous skill upgradation programs and staff augmentation.